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Industrial Make-Up Air Systems


Make-up air systems replace the air in your facility that is expelled by your exhaust system and balances the pressure inside your facility with the pressure outside. This balance allows your exhaust systems to efficiently remove the air-borne contaminates from your working environment without having to fight negative pressure in your plant. Make-up air can be heated, cooled, humidified or dehumidified; whatever is required to match the working environment.

You know you have negative pressure problems when exterior doors are difficult to open, there are drafts around doors and windows, a lingering smell of fumes or vapors, or there is visible smoke or dust. These indicators are warnings that your exhaust fans may not be working properly. In addition to contributing to poor indoor air quality, there is also a definite reduction in energy efficiency.


Industrial metal fabricators & installers

• system & equipment design
• custom metal fabrication
• equipment installation
• equipment relocation
• equipment repair
• on-site maintenance

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