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Pneumatic Conveying Systems


Wolfe Industrial has been installing pneumatic transfer systems for major manufacturing plants across the USA since 1979. This efficient and dependable material handling solution offers many benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of Pneumatic Conveyance, over a mechanical conveying system, is the containment of any fugitive dust associated with the product which vastly decreases the possibility of an explosion. Consequently, dust collection is only needed at the receivers. Another benefit is reduced housekeeping expenses and system maintenance cost.

Many manufacturing facilities with existing mechanical transfer systems are improving the efficiency of their processes by installing pneumatic transfer systems. Conversion from a mechanical transfer system to a pneumatic transfer system can often be accomplished without interfering with your production schedule by scheduling equipment conversions with planned production downtime.
Industrial metal fabricators & installers

• system & equipment design
• custom metal fabrication
• equipment installation
• equipment relocation
• equipment repair
• on-site maintenance

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