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Dust & Fume Collection Systems

Wolfe Industrial is dedicated to designing the most efficient industrial grade collection systems for the capture of fugitive dust, welding smoke, powder, metal shavings, oil mists, fumes and small particulates. This will create a safer workplace environment, save on housekeeping costs and reduce equipment maintenance costs. Our duct systems are designed with the proper conveying velocity to prevent product build-up in your ductwork.
Wolfe Industrial works with numerous dust collection equipment suppliers so we can provide a broad range of cartridge collectors, baghouses, cyclones, scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, blowers, enclosures, ducting, fittings, airlocks and HEPA filtered-air cleaning devices.
Are you controlling fugitive dust?

If not, you're playing with fire.

Hazardous and potentially explosive fugitive dust generated by various manufacturing processes can cause respiratory illness, lung damage or in-plant fires. It is imperative that your plant’s dust management systems are designed to meet specific EPA, OSHA and NFPA combustible dust standards required by the federal government and commercial insurers


Take control.

Dust & Fume Collection Safety in your plant environment relies on collection systems that can constantly control the many types of particulate produced by your processes.
Let Wolfe make your plant safer and more efficient. Take Control …

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